Tournament Rules
Stones River Futbol Club, the Tournament Committee, and Tournament Director reserve the right to adjust and/or amend any of the following before or during the tournament where deemed necessary.  Generally, FIFA Laws of the Game apply except where stated or implied.
I.  Group Play Scoring System
Divisional winners will be determined using the following  system:
Win =3, Forfeit =3, Tie =1, Loss=0 
II.  Group Stage Tiebreak procedures:
  1. Head-to-head competition *
  2. Goal Differential (4 goal max per game)
  3. Most Goals Scored (4 goal max per game)
  4. Most Shutouts
  5. Least Goals Allowed
  6. Penalty kicks  **
     * In the event of a three-way tie, head-to-head competition tiebreaker will not apply
     ** In the event of a three-way tie after 2-5 have been exhausted, 2  coin flips will determine 3-team
penalty contest pairings
I.   Kickoff / Side Choice / Ball Selection
All teams must present valid player / coach pass as well as a roster to the officials prior to the start of each match.  Rosters will be kept by the officials for their records.  In order to keep this tournament moving on time, there will be no coin toss except in semi-final or final game.  The home team will take the bench to the left of the field as viewed from the spectator side of the field and will defend the goal on that side of the field.  The home team will provide the center referee with at least one approved match ball.  The visiting team will have the opening kick.   Kickoff may go in any direction.
II.  Length of Game / Ball Size / Format / Rosters
Age Group Length        Half      Ball Size Format Max Roster
16U - 18U 40-minute halves 10 min      5 11v11 22
13U - 15U 35-minute halves 10 min      5 11v11 18
11U - 12U 30-minute halves 5 min      4 9v9 16
09U - 10U 25 minute halves 5 min      4 7v7 14
* Guest Players:  Teams are limited to 3 guest players.  All guest players must be listed on printed roster as well as the state association guest player roster form.   Laminated player pass and medical release are also required. 
* 5 Club Pass Players are allowed. 

III.  Player Equipment:
Home Team wears Light Color Uniform
  • Away Team wears Dark or Alternate Color
  • Law IV of FIFA laws apply
IV.  Substitutions
Unlimited substitutions may be made with the consent of the center referee under the following conditions:  (both teams may substitute any time substitutions are allowed)
  1. Prior to a throw-in of your favor
  2. Prior to a goal kick by either team
  3. After a goal by either team
  4. After an injury by either team when the referee stops play
  5. At Half-time
  6. When the referee stops play to caution a player, only the cautioned player may be substituted prior to the restart of the game.
V.  Overtime in Knockout stages:
Any semi-final match or championship match that is tied at the end of regulation play will be decided by sudden death (golden goal) overtime.   At halftime, the teams will switch ends and immediately resume play.  The first legal goal to be scored during the sudden death overtime will be the winning goal.
Length of overtime periods: Half/Half/Total
               12U (2005)  & younger: 5/5/10 minutes
              13U  & older: 10/10/20 minutes
If the game is still tied after Golden Goal,  kicks from the mark per FIFA Laws of the Game will be used to determine a winner.
I.  Sidelines:
Players shall enter and leave the field of play at the half line on the team bench side of the field.
  • Coaches and Substitutes shall remain in the technical area while the game is in progress.  If not marked, the technical area extends ten (10) yards on either side of the designated team seating area for each team, not to extend past the half line.  Only four (4) team personnel listed on the approved official roster are permitted in the Technical Area.
  • Parents shall remain on the opposite side of the field from the designated coach/player technical area
II.  Conduct:
Players sent off and coaches removed from a game are automatically suspended from their team’s next tournament game.  Players sent off or coaches removed for fighting will not be allowed to return to the tournament.  Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.  Coaches cannot be carded, but they can be asked to leave.
III.  Forfeits:
Failure to begin a match within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time will result in a forfeit to the opposing team by the score of 3-0.
  • Failure to complete a match by leaving the field of competition will result in a 3-0 forfeit to the opposing team without regard to the actual match score.
  • All other forfeit scenarios will be ruled upon by the Tournament Director and Tournament Committee.
IV.  Protest:
A protest, which may only be filed by the coach or team manager, must be submitted in writing within one (1) hour after the completion of the match in question.  The protest fee is $250 cash.  The protest must be filed with the Tournament Director or designated tournament official.  No protest will be upheld or allowed if and when the dispute involves the judgment of the referee.  If the protest is upheld, the protest fee is refunded.
V.  Inclement Weather or Unexpected Termination of Play
Only the referee or the tournament committee may cancel a match due to weather conditions.  In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee has the authority to reschedule matches, cancel matches, and/or cancel the tournament.  If the entire tournament should be canceled after play has begun, teams will not receive a credit or refund.
An unfinished game for any reason shall be replayed providing;
  • neither team is at fault; and/or
  • play has not begun in the second half
If play is stopped after first half is complete, game shall be considered complete providing;
  • neither team is at fault
All decisions regarding unfinished games shall be subject to the judgment and review of the Tournament Committee.
VI.  Game Reports
All completed game reports will be signed by the referee and the coach or his/her designee at the conclusion of each match and given to the field marshal.  Player cards will be returned to the coach or manager at the conclusion of each match.  
The match score will be verified by the field marshal with the coaches and returned to the scorer’s table.
  • If a match score is incorrect and all parties have signed the match report, both coaches or managers must be contacted and agree that the score was incorrect before a score may be reversed.
The referee will request the player card(s) for any player cautioned or ejected player and will file the proper TSSA report before leaving the complex at Rotary Soccer Park.  All game reports will be given to the referee assignor and copies given to the tournament director and director of field marshals.
  • Player passes for cautioned players must be returned to the team immediately upon completion of the referee report.
  • An ejected player’s player card will be retained by the field marshal or tournament director for the team’s next game and returned to the coach or manager of the team at the end of that match.
If a player is ejected during the last match their team plays in the tournament, the player card will be pulled so the referee may complete the game report and will be returned to the team at the end of the tournament, no later than one hour after the conclusion of the last match of the tournament or one hour after the referee’s last match of the tournament. All player cards will be returned to the teams at the conclusion of tournament play.
Please see below for additional Rule Updates:
Punting the ball
At what age are players allowed to punt a ball in a game?
  • Players on Teams 11U and younger may not punt a ball in a game in the 4 vs 4 or 7 vs 7 or 9 vs 9 format. (This includes 10U, 9U, 8U, 7U, 6U if you have those age groups)
  • Players on Teams 12U and older may punt a ball in a game in the 9 vs 9 format.
·       *** Please note a goalkeeper “drop kicking” a ball is considered punting ***
What occurs if the goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball?
  • If the goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball the referee will stop the game and award an indirect free kick to the opposition at the spot of the infringement.
  • If the punt or drop kick occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.


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